The Risk Management Newsletter for Anesthesia Practices

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Issue Date Summary
Issue 50 April 2021 Adverse Anesthesia Events: Did COVID-19 Change Anything?
  • Top 5 Adverse Anesthesia Events Reported to PPM in 2020
  • Risk Management Analyses and Considerations

Issue 49 August 2020

In This Issue

  • Effective Preoperative Evaluation and Communication Critical to Prevent Aspiration
  • Case Studies
  • Risk Management Analyses and Strategies
    Issue 48 August 2019

    In This Issue

    • Cardiopulmonary Sentinel Events During ERCP: Oversedation or Air Embolism?
    • PPM Policyholder’s Perseverance Prevails After Sixteen Years of Litigation
    • Underwriter’s Spotlight – Treating Yourself, Family or Friends? Just Say No
    Issue 47 March 2019

    Some Things Never Change: Updated Dental Claims Guidelines

    • Identifying Patient Risk Factors
    • Avoiding Iatrogenic Causes of Dental Injury
    • Preanesthesia Evaluation and Documentation
    • Informed Consent
    • After a Dental Injury Occurs
    • Options for Handling Dental Claims
    • Case Studies and Risk Management Analysis
    Issue 46 August 2018

    “That Was Left Where?”

    • Preventing Retained Foreign Object Anesthesia Claims
    • Risk Management Strategies to Prevent Retained Guidewires
    • Other Retained Foreign Object Claims
    Issue 45 March 2018

    Catch Me If You Can: Patient Falls in the Anesthesia Workplace

    • Defending Patient Falls Litigation
    • PPM Secures 44th Consecutive Upper Extremity Nerve Damage Verdict
    • Underwriter’s Spotlight - PPM Cyber Liability Insurance Coverage Limits Increased
    Issue 44 May 2017

    Medication Errors: Intrathecal Injection of Tranexamic Acid and Other Mix-Ups

    • Defending Medication Errors Litigation
    • APSF Medication Safety Strategies
    Issue 43 August 2016 Recent Cases Highlighted
    • No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Iowa Anesthesiologist Defends Care through Two Trials
    • Cauda Equina Syndrome: Georgia Defense Verdict
    • Brain Damage: Colorado Defense Verdict
    • Surveillance Evidence Helps Secure Unanimous Defense Verdict
    • PPM Earns “A” Rating from A.M. Best
    Issue 42 January 2016 Catastrophic Complications During Endoscopy
    • Risk Management Tips for Preventing Injury During Endoscopy with Deep Sedation
    • Underwriter’s Spotlight -- The Dark Side of the Moon: Moonlighting may increase anesthesia practice group’s liability exposure
    Issue 41 October 2015 Placement of Gastric Calibration Tubes Inflates Anesthesiologists’ Liability Exposure
    • Risk Management Tips for Preventing Injury from Calibration Tube Placement
    • Underwriter’s Spotlight: Ethical and legal guidelines for treatment of non-patients or self-treatment
    Issue 40 December 2014 Emerging Trends in Anesthesia: Cyber Liability
    • PPM Cyber Liability (eMD™) Insurance
    • PPM’s Risk Management Seminars Certified for CME
    • Underwriter’s Spotlight
    Issue 39 August 2014 Asleep at the Wheel? Distractions in the Operating Room
    • Case Study
    • Underwriter's Spotlight
    Issue 38 April 2014 Recent Cases Highlighted
    • PPM Secures 43rd Consecutive Defense Verdict in Upper Extremity Nerve Damage Litigation
    • Cardiac Arrest: Arizona Defense Verdict
    • Cardiac Arrest Following Colonoscopy: New Jersey Defense Verdict
    • PPM’s Risk Management Highlights Anesthesia Expertise
    Issue 37 October 2013 Securing Narcotics: Standard of Care Evolves in Wake of Hepatitis C Outbreaks
    • Expert Testimony Suggests a Heightened Standard of Care for Securing Controlled Substances and Medications Likely to be Diverted
    • Risk Management Tips
    Issue 36 April 2013 APSF Workshop Provides POVL Update and Recommendations
    • ASPF POVL Conference Highlights
    • Introduction to POVL by an Anesthesiologist Who Experienced It
    • APSF-Sponsored Conference on Perioperative Visual Loss Develops
      Consensus Conclusions
    Issue 35 December 2012 Recent Cases Highlighted
    • Wrongful Death: Missouri Defense Verdict
    • IV Infiltration: Iowa Defense Verdict
    • Pain Management: Florida Defense Verdict
    • Nerve Damage: New York Defense Verdict
    Issue 34 July 2012 Student Training Programs May Pose Significant Liability Exposures to Anesthesiologists
    • Risk Management Tips
    • Liability Exposure from Contractual Provisions in Training Agreements
    • Contract Review Tips
    Issue 33 April 2012 No Day at the Beach: Catastrophic Injuries in Head-up Position Surgeries
    • Expert Witness Testimony Peer Review Programs
    • Risk Management Tips to Prevent Ischemic Injury in Beach Chair Position
    Issue 32 November 2011 Drug-Induced Respiratory Depression in the Postoperative Period
    • APSF Conference Highlights
    • Defending Drug-Induced Respiratory Depression Litigation
    • APSF Essential Monitoring Strategies to Detect Clinically Significant Drug-Induced Respiratory Depression in the Postoperative Period
    Issue 31 August 2011 New ASA Standard for Basic Anesthesia Monitoring
    • Coverage Alert: PPM Compliance Period Extended
    • PPM Medical Board Investigation Defense Expense Coverage
    Issue 30 April 2011 Obstructive Sleep Apnea: The Not-So-Silent Killer
    • Risk Management Tips
    • Defending Obstructive Sleep apnea Litigation
    • PPM Earns A- Rating from A.M. Best
    Issue 29 January 2011 Recent Cases Highlighted
    • Wrongful Death:  Arizona Defense Verdict
    • Nerve Damage:  Georgia Defense Verdict
    • Cardiac Arrest:  New York Defense Verdict
    • Nerve Damage:  New York Defense Verdict
    • Cardiac Arrest:  Rhode Island Defense Verdict
    Issue 28 November 2010 Nerve Damage from Regional Blocks Placed in Anesthetized/Sedated Patients
    • Informed Consent
    • Supplemental Informed Consent for Regional Blocks placed during General Anesthesia
    Issue 27 July 2010 Propofol Shortage Continues to Create Patient Safety Concerns and Risks for Anesthesiologists
    • Causes of Shortage
    • FDA’s Response to the Propofol Shortage
    • Implications for Patient Care
    • Rationing and Alternative Agents
    • $500 Million Jury Verdict Awarded Against Propofol Manufacturer and Distributor
    Issue 26 April 2010 Risk Management Tips for Prevention and Management of Intra-operative Fires
    • The Fire Triad
    • Identifying High-Risk Procedures
    • Preventing Intra-operative Fires
    • Management of Intra-operative Fires
    • Defending Intra-operative Fires in the Courtroom
    • Conclusion
    Issue 25 December 2009 Recent Cases Highlighted
    • Wrongful Death: New Jersey Defense Verdict
    • Brain Damage: Iowa PPM Policyholders Dismissed During Trial
    • Wrongful Death: PPM Policyholder Dismissed During Missouri Trial
    • Dental Injury: Rare Dental New Jersey Trial Results in Defense Verdict
    • Nerve Injury: New York Jury Returns Defense Verdict
    • Wrongful Death: New York Defense Verdict
    Issue 24 November 2009 The Needle and the Damage Done: Anesthesia Workplace Addiction
    • Defending the Addicted Anesthesiologist
    • Defending Substance Abuse in the Courtroom
    • Identifying the Addicted Anesthesiologist
    • Legal Issues
    • Drug Testing
    • Zero Tolerance vs Impaired Physician Policies
    Issue 23 June 2009 Defending the #1 Anesthesia Claim: Dental
    • Options of Handling Dental Claims
    • Defending Dental Injury Lawsuits
    Issue 22 March 2009 Wrong Site Surgery Update: 2009 Universal Protocol Moves in Right Direction
    • Changes to Universal Protocol
    • Overview of 2009 Universal Protocol
    • Problems with the 2009 Universal Protocol
    • Risk Management Tips to Prevent Wrong Site Surgical Mistakes
    Issue 21 December 2008 Recent Cases Highlighted
    • PPM’s Aggressive Strategy Leads to 38th Consecutive Defense Verdict in Upper Extremity Nerve Damage Litigation
    • Wrongful Death: Missouri Defense Verdict
    • Compartment Syndrome: Texas Defense Verdict
    • Wrongful Death: Arizona Defense Verdict
    Issue 20 August 2008 Awareness: How Often Does It Really Happen
    • Defending Awareness Cases in the Courtroom
    • Brain Function Monitors
    • ASA Task Force Concludes Brain Function Monitors are not Standard of Care
    • Risk Management Analysis
    Issue 19 May 2008 Expert Witness: To Be or Not To Be
    • Expert Witness Testimony Peer Review Programs Reduce Questionable Testimony
    • Most Prolific Plaintiff’s Experts
    • In the News: Nevada Hepatitis Scare Focuses on Anesthesia Techniques
    Issue 18 January 2008 Wrong Site Surgery: Universal Protocol Misses the Mark
    • Problems with the Universal Protocol
    • Common Mistakes
    • Risk Management Tips to Prevent Wrong Site Surgical Mistakes
    Issue 17 September 2007 Recent Cases Highlighted
    • Pain Management: Texas Defense Verdict in Overdose Case
    • Nerve Damage: Nevada Defense Verdict
    • Pain Management: Texas Defense Verdict Handed Down
    • Risk Management Analysis
    Issue 16 December 2006 Informed Consent
    • Informed Consent: The Verdict Is In
    • Defense Verdict: New York Jury Finds in Favor of Pain Management Specialist
    • Implementing an Effective Anesthesia Consent Form
    Issue 15 March 2005 Recent Cases Highlighted
    • Wrongful Death Case: New York Defense Verdict
    • Ulnar Nerve Damage: Kentucky Defense Verdict
    • Intubation Injury: Missouri Defense Verdict
    • Wrongful Death: Texas Defense Verdict
    • Dental Injury: Rare Dental Trial Results in Defense Verdict
    Issue 14 March 2004 Risk Management for Postoperative Vision Loss
    • ASA Postoperative Visual Loss Registry: Preliminary Analysis of Factors Associated with Spine Operations
    • POVL: Michigan Defense Verdict
    • PPM Aggressively Pursues Recovery of Costs
    Issue 13 June 2003 Recent Cases Highlighted
    • Radial Nerve Damage: Arizona Defense Verdict
    • Editorial: Expert Witnesses
    • Brain Damage and Death: Cook County, Illinois Defense Verdict
    • Brain Damaged Baby: Kentucky Defense Verdict
    • Risk Management
    Issue 12 July 2002 Preventable Anesthesia Malpractice Claims
    • Nerve Damage from Regional Blocks placed under General Anesthesia
    • Misuse of Forced-Air Warming Equipment Leads to Avoidable Injury
    • Wrong-Sited Surgery and Patient Mix-ups
    • Burns from Warmed IV Bags
    • Intra-operative Fires
    Issue 11 July 2001 Surgical Mix-Ups and Wrong-Sited Surgeries
    • Risk Management Tips to Prevent Patient Mix-ups and Misidentification of Surgical Sites
    Issue 10 April 2001 Recent Cases Highlighted
    • Arizona Defense Verdict in Death Case
    • Defense Verdict in Florida Death Case
    • Illinois Jury Returns Verdict Against Co-Defendants
    • Texas Defense Verdict in Videotaped Awareness Case
    Issue 9 August 2000 Recent Cases Highlighted
    • Pneumothorax: Florida Jury Rejects Stress Induced Recurrence of Cancer
    • Pulmonary Damage: Defense Verdict in West Virginia
    • Cervical Injury: New York Court Grants Motion to Dismiss During Trial
    Issue 8 December 1999 Patient Safety – A Y2K Reminder
    • Y2K Resources on the Web
    Issue 7 April 1998 Burns: A Significant Source of Anesthesia Malpractice Claims
    • Intra-operative Fire: Connecticut Jury Finds Against Anesthesiologist
    • Credentialing: Reporting Your Claims History
    Issue 6 August 1997 Pre-Operative Discussions should be included in Informed Consent Process
    • Eye Injury: Defense Verdict in Connecticut Peribulbar Block Case
    • Awareness: High on List of Anesthesia-related Injuries
    • Risk Management Analysis
    Issue 5 January 1997 Recent Cases Highlighted
    • Ulnar Nerve Damage: New Hampshire Defense Verdict
    • Ulnar Nerve Damage: Defense Verdict in Missouri
    • Femoral Nerve Damage: Directed Verdict in Florida Case
    • Risk Management Seminars
    Issue 4 October 1996 Nerve Damage Claims
    • Median Nerve Damage: West Virginia Defense Verdict Entered
    • Nerve Damage Claims are the Third Most Frequent Injury
    • Risk Management Analysis
    Issue 3 July 1996 Top Ten Anesthesia Claims Analyzed
    • Dental Injury Leads List of Most Common Claims
    • Vision Loss after Peribulbar Block: Iowa Jury Returns Plaintiff’s Verdict
    • Risk Management Analysis
    Issue 2 April 1996 Recent Cases Highlighted
    • Ulnar Nerve Injury: Connecticut Trial Court Enters Verdict
    • Epidural Hematoma: Texas Jury Returns Defense Verdict
    • Wrong-sided Surgery: Texas Jury Finds for Anesthesiologist
    • Pain Management: West Virginia Defense Verdict
    Issue 1 October 1995 Inaugural Issue
    • Jury Returns Defense Verdict for Insured Anesthesiologist
    • Supervised Anesthesia Received Unfavorable Media Attention
    • Florida Jury Finds in Favor of Policyholder
    • Warmed IV Bags Continue to Result in Claim Settlements
    • Intraoperative Fires Lead to Allegations Against Anesthesiologists