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Report a Malpractice Claim

Report a Lawsuit, Claim or Adverse Outcome

Your prompt notification of claims and adverse outcomes provides us with the opportunity to minimize the possibility of litigation, reduce the extent of damages and provide valuable risk management advice.

While our normal working hours are 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Central Time, our staff of in-house Claims Attorneys and Claims Specialists remains available after-hours to handle emergencies. Our 24-hour Claims Hotline can be accessed by dialing our regular telephone number:

Contact Us at 800.562.5589

After-hours calls are handled through our automated voicemail system. When you call after-hours listen carefully to the options available for emergency and non-emergency calls. Emergency callers will be able to leave a detailed voicemail and an appropriate PPM representative will be paged to return your call as soon as possible. Non-emergency callers will be able to leave a detailed voicemail message in the PPM general mailbox or for a specific PPM representative and receive a call back during normal office hours.