Anesthesia Focused Since 1987

Established in 1987, Preferred Physicians Medical (PPM) pioneered the concept of a specialty-specific insurance company. PPM is owned entirely by its policyholder/members. In 2017, PPM entered a new strategic partnership with NORCAL Mutual (NORCAL). NORCAL serves as PPM’s exclusive reinsurance provider. In addition, PPM’s former holding company, PPM Services, Inc., was acquired by NORCAL and through this process will provide PPM with additional administrative, management and insurance resources.  

PPM is national in scope, registered in and can insure anesthesiologists in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

PPM is Unique.

PPM’s anesthesia-specific approach guarantees that our entire focus is dedicated to the anesthesia practice specialty. Premiums reflect anesthesia loss experience exclusively and premium dollars are never diverted to subsidize the claims of other medical specialties.

PPM’s staff spends 100% of its time developing products and services specific to the professional liability needs of anesthesia practices. This is especially critical in the area of patient safety and risk management.

Since our inception, PPM has reviewed the claims history of more than 21,000 practicing anesthesiologists. In addition, PPM's claims department has investigated more than 14,700 adverse outcomes and defended more than 4,600 claim and litigation files. With this information, PPM has an unparalleled ability to identify and address anesthesia loss trends. PPM uses this data to establish fair and appropriate premium levels, effectively manage anesthesia losses and provide anesthesia-specific patient safety and risk management advice in the form of on-site seminars and our popular risk management newsletter, Anesthesia & the Law.


PPM is a mutual insurance company, owned by its policyholder members.


PPM's pricing is competitive and offers a number of favorable coverage terms designed specifically to meet the needs of an anesthesia practice. We candidly describe coverage options and offer recommendations based on policyholder needs, not ours. In as little as one year, policyholders can qualify for a free retirement tail.


PPM has an outstanding record of sound financial results and stable management. PPM’s staff and management team have an average tenure with our company of over 20 years.


PPM policyholders only share risk with other highly qualified anesthesia practices. Underwriting selectivity helps avoid costly malpractice litigation, improves operating results and ultimately lowers premiums.

Patient Safety/Philanthropic.

PPM is a sponsoring patron to the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation (APSF) with a PPM Board member serving on the APSF Board of Directors and PPM’s Vice President – Risk Management serving on the APSF Newsletter Editorial Board. PPM is also a corporate donor to the Foundation for Anesthesia Education and Research (FAER). In addition, we are a major contributor of data to the important work of the ASA Closed Claims Project.