10/10/2018 Coverage Announcement - Hurricane Volunteer Coverage

PPM will extend coverage to insured volunteers providing professional services to areas affected by hurricanes.

09/18/2018 Coverage Announcement - Hurricane Florence Coverage

PPM will extend coverage to insured volunteers providing professional services to areas affected by Hurricane Florence.

02/18/2016 Anesthesia Alert - Surgical Technician Arrested for Diverting and Tampering with Narcotics

Testing for Hepatitis B & C and HIV offered by Colorado and Arizona hospitals

04/28/2014 Anesthesia Alert - FDA Safety Announcement
FDA requires additional warning for injectable corticosteriods.
10/17/2012 Anesthesia Alert - Update on Fungal Meningitis Outbreak
Additional patient notification advised.
10/05/2012 Anesthesia Alert - Meningitis Outbreak Update
Outbreak spreads, specific guidance provided.
10/04/2012 Meningitis Outbreak Alert
CDC and the Massachusetts Department of Health announces non-contagious, fungal form of meningitis outbreak.
01/03/2012 Coverage Alert - ETCO2 Monitoring Standard Update

ETCO2 Monitoring Standard Update, Coverage Extension and Recommendations

08/15/2011 Anesthesia Alert - ASA Practice Parameters

Request for Comments

06/27/2011 Coverage Alert - New ASA Standard for Basic Monitoring

New ASA Standard for Basic Anesthesia Monitoring Effective July 1, 2011.

08/02/2010 ACOG Issues VBAC Practice Bulletin
Staffing recommendations remain in place.
05/12/2010 Infusion Pump Recall
FDA orders Baxter to recall all Colleague infusion pumps.
01/27/2010 PPM Policyholder Alert – New CMS Reporting Requirements
New CMS reporting requirements effective January 1, 2010.
11/17/2009 Propofol Recall Alert
Drug manufacturer issues recall of certain lots of Propofol and Liposyn.
08/06/2009 Propofol Alert
Clinicians advised to halt use of Propofol from tainted lots.
06/23/2009 New York PPM Policyholder Alert
Deadline for accreditation of office-based surgery facilities nears.
03/12/2009 Washington Enacts “Death with Dignity” Law

Washington law allows physicians to prescribe lethal doses of medication.

08/04/2008 Spike in Medication Errors Noted: Neosynephrine vs. Reglan
Similar vials leads to errors.