Risk Management

On-Site Seminars

Our on-site risk management programs address very specific anesthesia practice concerns; no multi-specialty medical issues, no generic lectures. PPM's in-house claims attorneys conduct approximately twenty on-site risk management programs annually. Since 2002, PPM has conducted over 300 on-site, anesthesia-specific risk management seminars for PPM insured anesthesia practice groups.

Some examples of topics at the seminars include:

  • Causes and prevention of intraoperative fires
  • Implementation of the new ASA Standard for Basic Anesthesia Monitoring
  • Postoperative drug-induced respiratory depression
  • Securing Narcotics and medication in the operating room
  • Top 10 anesthesia claims and how to avoid them


Anesthesia & the Law

A Risk Management Newsletter for Anesthesiologists

Check out the current issue of Anesthesia & the Law. Catch up with the latest risk management trends and read about recent jury verdicts.


Past issues of Anesthesia & the Law are available exclusively to PPM policyholders.