Issue 47

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Some Things Never Charge: Updated Dental Claims Guidelines

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Dental claims continue to be the No. 1 anesthesia-related claim reported by PPM policyholders. Perioperative dental injuries are a known risk and complication and infrequently caused by clinical negligence. However, many patients who experience dental injury assume the anesthesia provider was negligent and should be responsible for payment for dental consultation and repair. To respond to a significant number of questions and concerns from PPM policyholders regarding dental injuries and claims, PPM developed updated guidelines to minimize the number of dental claims, as well as reducing the inconvenience associated with processing, investigating and resolving dental claims.  In this issue, we examine some of the causes of dental injuries, provide risk management strategies to prevent dental injuries and claims, and options for handling dental claims if they occur. We also highlight some of PPM’s successes in defending dental injury lawsuits.

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