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Specializing in anesthesia, PPM provides an unparalleled level of expertise in the evaluation and resolution of anesthesia losses. The merits of PPM's approach are illustrated by our success defending upper extremity nerve damage litigation. In our early years, PPM noted most upper extremity nerve damage litigation, ulnar and brachial plexus neuropathies attributed to improper padding and positioning, was routinely settled by other malpractice insurance companies for amounts ranging from $150,000 to $250,000. PPM studied this litigation, reviewed available medical literature and consulted with nationally prominent anesthesia experts. Based on this analysis, PPM concluded most upper extremity nerve damage cases were entirely defensible and embarked on an aggressive trial strategy. Despite considerable skepticism from defense attorneys, judges and even a few policyholders, PPM has now achieved an unblemished record of thirty-eight consecutive defense verdicts when trying these cases. In addition, other upper extremity nerve damage cases have been dismissed given our successful trial record.

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PPM's Sales team is focused on identifying “preferred” anesthesia practices and encouraging well-qualified practices to join our exclusive list of policyholders. By sharingPPM Brochure risk with other highly qualified anesthesia practices, PPM provides an affordable and stable source of anesthesia malpractice insurance. In addition to identifying potential insureds, our sales team provides a steady stream of input regarding the needs of the anesthesia community, especially those of our policyholders. Attending anesthesia conferences and conducting personal policyholder visits allow our Sales team to identify service needs, field routine questions and serve as a policyholder liaison.

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